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Yup, I understand this part. That's why i tried using *150# then call and it does not work, telling me USSD not available or something like that.

Ok, so now my SP wallet shows that i got about 10500mb of data, does this means i can straight away use the data once i'm inside malaysia? or do i need to like 'transfer' some data out from the SP wallet to use?
OK... now I recall with mine > this code somehow sometimes doesn't work. Another reason why I started sticking to the app.

Yup, each time you've a trip, just subscribe to one of the internet packages. Amount of data will be deducted from your SP, valid for the number of corresponding days, no RM should be deducted.

Note that leftover from the package you choose cannot be carried forward. I normally use about 200MB thereabout, sometimes more sometimes lesser, so with 3 trips a month, I just go for the 500MB 30-day package.
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