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I came across your post which you wrote in 2014. I'd faced this back in 2013. It was a mistake made by my elder brother. The amount he borrowed wasn't much. But we got scared at first, and ended up paying a lot more. He had hid the matter from my dad and when we found out we tried to settle the whole thing in a day or two. But the last straw came when we realised the different "callers" sounded the same and tried to make us pag even more by telling us that the money we transferred to him got sent to the wrong account. So we made a police report. Fixed cctvs etc.. repainted walls and then we shifted house to regain our loss of money.. downgraded.

It's been 3 years. Just yesterday, my dad received a threatening msg that wanted to talk to my brother abt owing money. It is so out of the blue. We asked my brother. And we do have faith that he has changed for the better. We would have ignored it but then the so-called loanshark sent us an image of our current house door. So we're lodging a police report.

Just wondering, how has it been for you? Any threats now?
Hi I came across your reply. Recently I inquire to borrow money from a moneylender advertising his services by sms. My fault is I have send all my details to him, NRIC, bank account. In the end I change my mind and don't want to borrow but he said he already transfer 400., so I must pay 600 by the following week. Following week he ask me to defer payment and pay 200 only., but I want to clear so I paid 600. He started threatening and send some image of loan shark graffiti and threaten to burn my house if I don't pay him another 600. I have lodged a police report and have no intention of paying him again. The police suggest to change my phone number and don't reply again to this ah long.
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