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Hi all Guru!

Recently gotten our humble 4rm bto @ Hougang and is looking to install air-con.

Was quoted:

$3850 (2ticks)
System 4 (Daikin inverter)
18k X 9k X 9k X 9k

$5000 (2ticks) $5600 (5ticks)
System 2 (Daikin inverter)
18k X 9k - living and one bedroom
System 2 (Daikin inverter)
12k X 9k - master bedroom and one bedroom

Can we have ur kind advices please:
On which is more feasible?
As well as are the prices reasonable?

And what's the main diff of 2ticks and 5ticks in general? The salesmen said 2 and 5 no much diff.

Thanks so much in advance!!! (:

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