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1) Title of degree: Bachelor of Business in Business Administration (BBBA)

2) Offering institute (if through distance-learning): SIM

3) Awarding university: RMIT University

4) Length of course: 3 years (Full-time), parttime should be 2 years. Full time have to go to Melbourne for about 2 weeks after the 5th semester (before the 6th and final semester) to complete 2 modules.

5) Method of delivery:
-- a) Part-time (2 years) / Full-time (3 years)
-- b) On-campus
-- c) Fully-taught (lectures + tutorials combined to one session. mainly 12 lessons per module taken. each semester 4 modules. every semester, for some modules, have RMIT lecturers flying in to teach us for 3 lessons.)
-- d) 5 specialisations to choose from (2nd year and 3rd year) - Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, E-Business, Entrepreneurship

6) Costs
pls refer to SIM
think i paying approx S$28k+ for 3 yrs, forgot liao :blushed:

for SIM, refreshments provided during break time :rolleyes: excellent study environment with good library, especially for biz studies. haven't been browsing the computer books there though :blushed:

need other info, can pm me
__________________ (incl taiwan travel tips)
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