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Was at lenovo store Marina square branch.

Tab 3 - 8 inch sold out
Tab 3 - 10inch aka business, mysteriously price not on sg lenovo website nor seen anywhere in sg. Pricing online is close to $400. 2/32GB for a "business" tablet is ridiculous.

Tab 3 - 7 inch - now selling at $129 or $139 cannot remember. Lags alot when streaming korean drama or movies online. The only good thing is the sound. Very loud.

Marina Square has newstead and gaincity. I tried Tab3 7.0 against asus zenpad and huawei t2. It has the loudest sound. Video quality is not bad but just too small and lag.

As for T4 series, leaked info say starting price starts eur109. And that is for the crappiest of the T4 lot. By the time come to singapore i would imagine chow chow retail S$250. Would still be considered cheap considering with local warranty.
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