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Wow how do u plant sweet potato?

Cool, I have a full blown garden with the following grown in hydroponic and traditional methods.

1. 3 types of mint
2. Rosemary
3. Thyme
4. French Beans
5. Tomatoes (2 varieties)
6. Basil (Italian and Thai)
7. Sweet potato
8. Chilli
9. Bell Peppers (4 color types)
10. Snow Peas (Dao Miao)
11. Kang Kong (Water Spinach)
12. Water Melon
13. Coriander (Chinese Celery)
14. lettuce
15. Corn
16. papaya
17. Sunflower

Seems like a lot, but I have a fair bit of land space. I do provide seed exchange as well, do PM me.
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