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I had heard of many poor reviews on HomePlug/PowerLine in my workplace.
I suspect they probably are non-IT techies..

Probably HWZ experts here are more reliable source of information.

1) Homeplug work best in network within the same MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker), but do they work across different MCB?

2) Poor performance in household with many cornice throw-down lighting (too many 12V step down convertors)

3) Network may open to neighbours power grid.

Are above statement true?

Lastly, do recommend a sure-to-work Ethernet-only homeplug model.

Homeplugs work as long as the units are within the same electrical network. Likewise for a building, there could be many home plugs users and all are sharing the same pipeline. As long as I have the encryption code to a particular home plug, i could potentially unlock the information sent. Homeplugs are secured to a certain extent, in which people around you can see you but they can't read you as its encrypted.

Homeplugs offer convenience, but definitely not the best option out there..
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