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Actually, a lot of MOE teachers become tutor after bond ended.

Yups. Had a shock too when I found out from Edmw who used to do for a diploma teacher.

Posted to primary school. Heng I didn't get into MOE after all, was rejected at the interview.

Now my classmate - dip in early childhood - studying in UniSim trying to upgrade herself.

@Kyoji: 😂 they demand perfect grades to teach... But don't give that amount. Some more get looked down from uni grads *supposedly* according to that person.

Quite sad life in sg.

@mervyn: Yeaps it does sucks. If I were the dip holder I would upgrade while studying, 2k+ at 30 is a bit.. 😢

@scholar88: very sad somehow.

Hope they can do some annual increment or sorts for this group of people. But their bonus is about a few months if I rmb correctly.
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