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All the fields have their pros and cons. To say one is "useless" is a sweeping statement. Look at the NUS pharmacy. It's a straight A course but many pharmacy graduates are struggling.

Law also is oversaturated. Engineers no need to say, FT's are being brought in droves. Accountancy is facing threat of automation and oversaturation too, not to mention the work life that kills you.

Business is too general of a degree etc. It's really how one uses university to springboard into the working life. I don't see how productive it is to be bashing on an entire faculty when it encompasses many areas of study.

I can say engineer is useless since can just bring in FT's who are cheaper, better, faster but I'm not considering the different engineering fields am I like comp engineering, civil engineering, EEE and so on.
I believe you are from FASS as you mentioned previously. You have been mentioning the cons of every other courses. So hence what is your view about your own home faculty? What are the advantages about being in FASS in terms of job prospects, salary, as well as employment. It is generally very true when razorlala has brought up the Graduate Employment Survey.

What area/course in FASS are you pursuing? Are you pursuing it based on good career prospects, potential high salary, interests or passion to serve the community?

So how does Arts and Social Sci is better than other courses when you mentioned about the cons of all other courses?(When it is an undeniable fact as it is clearly shown in the employment survey stats). It is good if you could clarify since it is your home faculty?

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