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That's not the point. The point is, to me, she just simply wants to get a degree from a top uni, even if it means wasting 2yrs.
If she is rich, and her family is able to support her nonsense, so be it.
But Considering that she's from a financially disadvantaged background, that is another raise to the stupid level.

Your heart, body, or soul doesn't feed themselves. There are little difference in getting employment between getting the most useless degree among all other fields from a prestigious uni, or a private uni, considering that zero times zero is still zero.
Anw, I've given my advise. She want to shove things down her throat anot also not my problem. The sooner she wakes up, the better. Seen to many pretentious and delusional ppl like her.
Eh please lah. Different people different opinions but sometimes,somethings are meant to be kept to oneself. Once you say it out,your gonna hurt someone rly badly. Besides,you are not her mother or father to "wake" her up if thats what you are trying to do. We are here to support each other. Dont downplay what other's passions/dreams are just because you feel smth smth smth. You are not her, she is not you, you dont know what she really is going through or what she is rly thinking about. So please,be more considerate about what you say out.
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