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Yes i understand your point. Infact, it is quite realistic. Though I don't see having a degree of whatever major is useless. You've given her your point of view then you've done your job in advising. Thank you so much for that 😊 I understand that her method is so so so out of the norm. If it was me, i might retake A levels again too. But if I still don't make it then I would try PT degree at other local uni. But the problem is, that's me.. and i'm not reishi.

If her parents are okay with it and the situation consents then just do it. She have very strict parents if you were to read her posts since the first acceptance window. So we should consider her stress too. She already said that the PT courses in SUSS looks okay due to the info she receives from some of you here. Thus, who knows she might evaluate her choices again and choose to go that path? It is totally up to her.

This forum is for us to inform, advice and encourage one another. So really thank you for your opinion and let her do the rest. 😊 Let's stop here okay? Goodnight! 💖

That's not the point. The point is, to me, she just simply wants to get a degree from a top uni, even if it means wasting 2yrs.
If she is rich, and her family is able to support her nonsense, so be it.
But Considering that she's from a financially disadvantaged background, that is another raise to the stupid level.

Your heart, body, or soul doesn't feed themselves. There are little difference in getting employment between getting the most useless degree among all other fields from a prestigious uni, or a private uni, considering that zero times zero is still zero.
Anw, I've given my advise. She want to shove things down her throat anot also not my problem. The sooner she wakes up, the better. Seen to many pretentious and delusional ppl like her.
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