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well i am ok with $1k/month, so long i have enough for food and bills but i do think thinking ahead and working hard are both good skills to have if you intend to fill a niche in the market, which is what most successful entrepreneur have. honestly, if you were to choose between working for $3-4k/month and work from 9-5pm, letting the computer runs itself and earn $1.2k/month with almost 0 effort, i think i would take the second option as a more viable option

if people want to do what they do, earning less or more is up to them.. money isn't the only factor to determine what you want to do. And besides, if she thinks going to NTU she can get more/different resources to further her studies compared to other unis,nothing wrong with that...

then again, it's true that gov sector only hires 2nd upper hons and above from recognized unis,gov sector work usually prioritize work life balance,so almost 0 OT and go home on time. Private sector doesn't care as much but they don't pay for OT. Employment rate may not be reflective of people with different hons.
But razorlala mentioned that getting a Arts and social sci degree in local or private degree makes not much of a difference? Is it true for this course, since there is no particular expertise or skills the students have been equipped?
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