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So what do you intend to do? If your appeal to Biz got rejected, will you accept other courses or retake As?

What is the first thing you would think about if u fail to get into Biz this yr?
I've accepted NTU Mathematical Sciences already and would probably go there if my appeal does get rejected. Retaking As has been on my mind as a last resort and I'm still considering if I should having approximately slightly more than 150 days it is definitely a tough decision. However, if I do intend to retake As I believe I would have the determination to pull through it and try my best and see how it goes from there.

The first thing I would think about if I fail to get into Biz this year would definitely be whats the second best option which would help me to head towards what I'd be interested to do which would be banking and finance and business analytics, which according to the course curriculum is covered in Mathematical Sciences though not as in depth as business itself.

[EDIT] Also for those who are talking about the possibility of people missing the IGP grade to get into business, I myself feel it is possible as I've checked w my school teachers as per the national standard this year it has dropped quite a fair bit as compared to the previous years, hence I'm trying my best to get into this course.

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