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X19 too. Add me. Yunhohoho. Play support mostly now.. but dk why server is very laggy for me! Cya!

looking for legend players to rank tgt. solo q all the way but sometimes meet those really noob players is damn sian one. legend x19 now.. usually use miya/ yisunshin/ ruby/ rafaela for ranked. still considering whether to get vexana lol. i tried using assassin & tank before but really fail.. ruby is the only fighter which i can master.

anyway, add me up to play tgt pls!! id is ssshalala (32942244).

just to share the strategy i prefer:
i like the 1-1-3 starting lineup, where tank holds the fort alone at lord lane, mm in mid & the rest at turtle lane. the lane w 3 should try to push. once we get the first tower down, we can regroup & go for the rest of the towers. i prefer to focus on towers instd of kills - but of cos, try not to get killed that much lol if not their lvl will go up damn quickly & it'll be hard to win the game. also, i think for some games it is pretty impt to have a support (esp when we have assassins like karina w low durability/ hp). however i know many ppl who dont think that support helps in dealing dmg so i've had games using rafaela where i've gotten scolded for literally the whole game
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