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Is there any reason why you don't want the ONR to issue dhcp? I would strongly recommend you to leave routing to ONR and your ac5300 acting as an AP. By this setup, all your devices can communicate with other.

If you configure ac5300 on a different ip segment, you are indirectly creating double nat and your devices won't see each other if connected to onr or to the ac5300..

Hi Guys,

Have u been given a new ONT from Singtel that can be act as a router? I have been given a new Singtel ONT(model HG8244H, IP: This will be connected to my own router Asus AC5300(IP:

Is there anyway that I can disable the DHCP from Singtel ONT and let my own router to manage DHCP assignment? However, I have devices connecting to the Singtel ONT router by LAN port and these devices are not able to access other network devices which is connected to Is there a way to get both segment connected?

Thank you
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