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Chlorine (ie Free chlorine), usually you won't get much of it at our tap end. Coz they are not very stable. What we are using that is much more stable and can persist till our end user taps is monochloramine. You can buy Total Chlorine test strips/test solutions which test for Chlorine + chloramines as a whole. Free Chlorine = Chlorine only.

You can find the monochloramine data for our PUB water here.
2016 report :

Monochloramine is formed by the reaction of ammonia + chlorine, it's much more stable than chlorine and can persist in the water much longer, just google it up.....all the info is there. Along the way in our water distribution systems, it may change and exist as dichloramine or usually we just say that chloramine is present (chloramine means monochloramine, dichloramine, trichloramine, or any mix of the 3)
Chloramines are quite a bit harder to filter out than chlorine by using activated carbon, but still most solid carbon blocks would do a good job.

No real issue here anyway, personal choice if you wanna filter it out or not, but basically any proper water filter with properly engineered flow rates can handle (you can manually turn the flowrate down so that it performs even better).
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI
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