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You guys can actually get cheap and good stuff from Amazon.

For NSF-53 certified lead reduction stuff, go search the following products....i share the below list just to start you off.
If you own a present water filter, it might be already be reducing lead....but i do not research on those stuff like Hyflux, Novita, Evopure, Cleansui etc.
Eg the Instapure F8 that some of you may have purchased from Self-fix can handle lead and is NSF-53 tested. (Instapure F8 used to be available on Amazon too).

100 gallons = 378 litres
Search on (read the reviews)
-Culligan FM-15 (uses 200 gal 756L cartridge)
-Dupont faucet filters (various models, 100 gal or 200 gal cartridge)
-Pur advanced faucet filters (100 gal)
-Brita faucet filter (100 gal)
-Aquasana AQ-4000 countertop filter (450 gal)
All the above contain very high quality highly spec solid carbon block filters that take care of many of the contaminants. Size of the product does not determine whether or not the filter is better. The only issue with the above is that the xxx number of gallons filtered is lower than the bigger filters (eg the 10-inch canister filters).

Do not be misled and think that ultrafiltration (0.01 microns) would take care of lead for example, it would not. An RO system would take care of soluble lead, yes that is true (however RO has its disadvantages).
And not all solid carbon block filters/granular activated carbon filters can reduce for eg soluble lead to a level that you'd care for (eg > 99%), though most do reduce to X amount and are effective to a certain degree, just that it's not certified and thus difficult to ascertain any reliable technical performance info.

For more advanced users, you can try the catridges or 10-inch solid carbon blocks with DIY 10-inch canisters. If really hardcore and kiasu, can try 20-inch canisters for the whole house, use some excellent chlorine/chloramine filter like some of the aquarium reef hobby solid carbon block filters which actually work much better than the consumer stuff that we get.
The 10-inch filter canisters are available from Taobao or Amazon, see which one you are more comfortable with.
Do note that the solid carbon blocks need to be NSF-53 certified. (not only NSF-42 certified, which is for safety of the materials used)

- 3M Filtrete Under Sink Water Filtration System (3US-MAX-S01). 1500 gals 5670 litres. Probably better for those big families and also intends to use filtered water (no chlorine/chloramines) for washing their veg etc. uses 3/8 inch 3分管 so you might need to go taobao and get your own hoses to convert to 2分 coz Taobao sells the 2分

Tap diverter.
配件2分双切转换器龙头接头 双切 (search for similar terms, you will get results from other sellers)

Just for additional info, i think the majority of us Singaporeans would not DIY
Some 10-inch filters, all are solid carbon blocks
Pentek P-250 Under Sink Water Filter Set by Pentek (1000 gals)

DuPont WFDWC70001 Universal Drinking Water 550-Gallon Carbon Block Cartridge by DuPont

GE FXULC Drinking Water System Replacement Filter (600 gals)
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI
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