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BTW, if you'd like to extend your filter life capacity for normal solid carbon blocks for chloramine performance, do run as low a flowrate through that as possible.
Chlorine is easy do filter, usually not an issue..

The best would still to run specific solid carbon blocks designed to filter chloramines (those with catalytic activated carbon). Thus, if you wanna do chloramines + lead, then you might need 2 cartridges in your 10-inch DIY canister system.

This is the PUB data for chlorine and chloramine. Note : Usually when the free chlorine hits out homes, most of it would have reacted with the organics in our pipes. So usually we'd have very low levels of chlorine in our pipes. Most of it is chloramines (monchloramine, dichloramine or trichloramine, whatever it has turned into along the way)
The good thing about chloramines is that there is next to no disinfection byproducts.

Those playing with aquariums/reefing would know about this......

1-hr ug/m3 + PSI
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