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Those guys (male) that suggested using filters either did not serve NS, or are from MLM.

If Tekong allow us to drink from tap I dont see what other issues are we having.

Also to do marketing, no point go into chemical study or medical research. Unless you got certificate from a reputable Uni

Wal lao, you didn't read properly and anyhow whack from an ultra narrow POV already.....

1. There is no single MLM product here, no talk about alkaline drinking water etc. OSIM is not MLM. 3M is not MLM. Amazon does not do MLM....
Or if you are saying that i am pushing X or Y products to sell here (i'm a seller), do open your eyes properly.....i will bank transfer you $50 if you find any.
Or maybe you think I am Jeff Bozos of Amazon.

2. As I have mentioned, the filtered water is for things like pregnant women, infants (esp pre-term), or aquarists/reefer/aquarium owner (there's a shrimp rearer in this thread) with low TDS water.
Your brass fittings/faucets might be leaching lead. The recent research with lead leaching is one with publically available home plumbing stuff/faucets in Singapore that's approved locally.
There are also other hobbies that need clean or low TDS water, eg beer brewing, but i reckon that's not popular here in SG.

With that said, if you are a bachelor living alone, don't do reefing/aquarium hobby, or if married but have no issue letting your kids/pregnant wife drinking even ultra low amts of lead, that's your perogative and personal choice, and that's ok.
Other families may not think that way.

If you have constructive replies here, pls do share.
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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