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anyone using those reverse osmosis water filter installed at undersink? Singapore doesnt have a lot of options on this, so I called a US company and they said for the filter to work properly, there must be a water pressure of at least 40 psi. As we all know, Singapore water pressure not that strong especially for HDB. Anyone has bought such water filter before and is it working effectively? Thanks.

If you are after a RO system, you might wanna check out the Xiaomi water purifier. I don't know the details as i have not found that out, but they are using a RO member sourced from DOW (USA), i'm not sure how it works but the membrane allows normal pressure + gives a good flow such that you do not need a water storage tank.

And not expensive also.

Safe enough lah.......i know some people have issues with Made in China stuff. Not some unknown tiong brand.
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI
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