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There are various contradicting reports on this. Some say there is no problem drinking water void of minerals as we get most of our minerals from meat, vegetables and fruits. The 8 cups per day water intake has also been debunked making it hard for us to get significant minerals just by drinking water.

The reason I want RO water filter is that it can filter our flouride which has known to cause cancer, brain damage etc. Especially for young kids. Fluoride is also very much present in toothpaste and if you read the warnings of some toothpaste at the back, it will usually say something like if you swallowed more than used for brushing, seek immediate help and keep out of reach of children. To me, fluoride is quite scary..

You are not wrong to say that also, hence earlier on i did say it really depends on the end user's situation. But it is a WHO endorsed article, so i would have to say that there might have a degree of truth to it...that's why i shared that link just to present both sides of the coin.

If you are someone who really takes care of yourself and the family, there should be minimal impact.

Seriously if you are drinking the majority of ultra low TDS water during meals, ie for a working couple/schooling kids that'd be during breakfast and dinner.......then seriously the water is already going to be mixed with food in the stomach. It really makes no diff if the water TDS is 1ppm or 100ppm.

Anyway for my family, wife and kids all supplementarily eat sardines and walnuts (both superfoods) nearly fact no walnuts = daily. And a lot of other stuff from papaya/bananas mainly to other fruits, self cook eggs.......all to add to the hawker centre stuff. Luckily we have a good cai png store here which cooks pretty ok stuff, spinach, brocolli, bean sprouts long beans are good (ie not too unhealthy stuff).
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