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The reason I want RO water filter is that it can filter our flouride which has known to cause cancer, brain damage etc. Especially for young kids. Fluoride is also very much present in toothpaste and if you read the warnings of some toothpaste at the back, it will usually say something like if you swallowed more than used for brushing, seek immediate help and keep out of reach of children. To me, fluoride is quite scary..

Don't worry too much about fluoride. For young kids from age 0.7-6 yrs, just use a non-fluroridated toothpaste. I am a parent of 2 young kids (younger is 3, elder is 8), so i know how they do eat toothpastes.

We use this (we get from CK dept store in Chinatown, B1). It's $11, but i think redmark now got offer at $6, but need delivery fee or it's $50 delivery fee waived. Or you can get from iherb some fluoride toothpastes.

Eating toothpaste could be quite jialuck for them. Our water is 0.7ppm fluoride and toothpaste is 1450ppm. That's a factor of 2000X.
So eating just 1g of toothpaste (about pea size) = drinking 2 litres of water. Not a big deal even for a small kid, but do this repeatedly in addition to the daily water consumed. Not good.

Here's the data for our dental fluorsis for kids.

It's only an issue when the kids are ~ 1-6 years old when the main teeth are mineralising and in formation. I have very mild flourosis myself, so does my sister. But not a big aesthetical issue......and seriously from the electric toothbrush thread that i do frequent here in HWZ as well, i can deduce that some folks don't really heck care about their oral health/appearances too. So.......different strokes for different folks also?
Prevalence of dental fluorosis in children in Singapore.

Prevalence and severity of dental fluorosis was assessed in 1739 Singaporean children aged 9, 12 and 16 yr in three different ethnic groups. All subjects had resided since birth in Singapore, which has a tropical climate. The water supply was fluoridated in 1957 at a level of 0.7 ppm. In this sample, mouth prevalence was 82.6%, tooth prevalence was 66.9%, the community fluorosis index was at 1.96; 9.2% of children had severe fluorosis and 26.2% had moderate fluorosis. There were no significant gender or racial differences. Prevalences were higher than those reported in most other studies. Due to differences in indices used and methodology, comparisons could not be made directly with other studies.

1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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