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Anyway tripleg, just FYI......this 10" filter cartridge on Amazon is Amazon free ship eligible. You can buy the 10" filter housings on Taobao or Amazon (TB is of course cheaper, but there are also slightly more expensive and higher quality housings, materials shd be safe......PP Polypropylene)

See if you are interested. Run another 1 micron sediment filter, can get from TB.....shiok liao. And won't run into low TDS "issue". Use the tap diverter that you can get from Taobao. 2 PE 1/4 inch 2分 hoses to run to the housing.

If you want ultrafiltration, can get UF cartridges from TB. Safe worries.
1 micron sediment -> 0.01 microns UF -> Amazon KDF85/activated alumina/catalytic AC filter.

Will take care of lead as well.
Only "issue", it does not have NSF/WQA certification.

It is not the normal activated carbon, but catalytic activated carbon, so it's designed to be much more efficient for chloramines and also would last much longer.
ie the youtube video done by BRS/Bulk Reef Supplies on previous page, they tested one 0.6 micron normal AC solid carbon block and it lasted only ~ 150 gallons @ 0.25 gpm flowrate for chloramines (total chlorine). Remember, free chlorine = chlorine. Total chlorine includes chloramines, but usually at our tap end it means majority chloramines coz we don't have much chlorine left coz all reacted liao, not stable.

As you know, over at our tap end, we have very low levels of chlorine (coz already reacted with the organics in the pipes liao), but the chloramines are still up there.......coz it's designed that way to be much more stable.

The PUB water quality report states 3ppm monochloramine on avg.

1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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