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Brother and sisters, any recommendation which brand inverter aircon won't have the on/off cycle of the compressor? So far my LG and Starmex inverter all got this problem. I heard MHI inverter don't cycle off. Is this true? I know, yes, I'm talking about inverter. As I like to blow aircon directly at my face, when the compressor cycle off can feel the temperature rise.. IIRC when I measured the outlet temperature difference can be like 10 degrees off during cycle off..

I'm thinking is there any inverter aircon which can really scale down and don't cycle off one.. Of course you can blame me for oversizing the BTU but 9k is the smallest when I bought it

2) Any hvac / acmv / Mechanical engineer here? Is there any non rotary compressor aircon? I find even dual piston rotary compressor a bit noisy.. Thanks!

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