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Possibly a very stupid question, but do all RO filtration systems require electricity?
Not really, many standard systems rely on the water pressure as per design (basic). However there are RO booster pumps which pump up the PSI of the water so that it works "better" in areas which have lower water pressure.
That's why tripleg bro was asking about his 40 PSI thingy earlier.

The Xiaomi unit claims to have a special DOW GE RO membranes that provides enough water flow just on typical water city pressures, so that even a storage tank is unneeded. Check the video in the previous page to look at how fast is the filtered water flowrate at the faucet.

Do You Need a Booster Pump?

Most city water reverse osmosis users have enough city water pressure to run their RO unit nicely and they do not need a booster pump. For example, if your city water pressure is 60 psi or more, there is little to be gained by adding a booster pump. If your pressure is 50 psi or less, however, a pressure boost pump will give your RO unit more zip. You'll have more water, at a higher pressure, in the storage tank, and the tank will fill faster. The increased pressure will also improve the economy of the unit (it will run less reject water to drain) as well as the quality of the water. RO units thrive on pressure.

1-hr ug/m3 + PSI
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