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[QUOTE=WussRedXLi;108671227]I think the Amazon USA RO sets need shipping costs of about 100 usd from AMZ, coz bigger than 16 inches.

The xiaomi RO costs rmb 1299 (SGD 265) and maybe SGD $20 shipping.

Cartridges would be RMB 59 PP, 69+69 for the 2 Kuraray brand (Japan) AC cartridges, 499 for the DOW GE (USA) RO membrane cartridge. 1 year for the activated carbon and 2 years for the 400 gallons RO cartridge. Works out to be SGD 91/yr for the fitlers before shipping cost.

I am very sure that the Xiaomi would work in your place even with lower 25 PSI of pressure, for eg......coz it's designed to give a higher flowrate than normal RO systems.
There's no tank (see below)

edit- but cannot be shipped with official forwarders as it's keyword restricted by the TB system, so need 3rd party ones like (buyforme or shipforme)

Thanks for the heads up regarding the shipping cost, adds around 150 more. Isnt that more ex than going to a forwarder? lol.

Xiaomi is ok based on their claims. And agree it is not a bad price at all. But I dont like that it takes up space on top, my mum really dont like that haha. And it doesnt drain directly to the pipe below. Also it requires electricity to run. And if not wrong it doesnt comes with a faucet right? It connects to the original faucet. Although it can easily turn on and off to normal water, I think it is quite a hindrance as the head quite big. Yes you are right that it requires only water pressure of around 25 psi as they have an internal water booster which uses the electricity to run.
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