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my blk is pretty old though, the same utensils dont seem to rust at my parent's hse but mine does. Also after bathing, there is a brownish tint on the wall from the water.
Interesting......i tot such things don't happen in SG. If you want me to make a guess, that brown stain is due to Iron III oxide, which is safe to consume.
My parents HDB house is from 1972, no such issue. Might have a bit of difference in the piping use? (somewhat unlikely though). Looks like a fair bit of the passivation layer is coming off.

It's very difficult to know for sure w/o a full chemical water test. Seriously i also don't know what's in there, but i guess the easiest/cheapest to do is to start from basics of filtration. But that's for drinking mainly, and maybe for washing.

Unless if you are consuming markedly visible brown water (which would taste absolutely metallic as well) which leads to iron toxicity, there is no issue.....coz i don't think anyone can stomach that kind of brown water under normal circumstances anyway.

Most pax here would have seen the water after a water tank flush or the town council subcon is fixing your main plumbing at your main riser, or when the main tank runs dry and the town council take remedial steps to correct (happened before in my block, 5 times, definitely some bugger screwed up with the equipment), then you'd really see tokong levels of brown water for quite a few minutes.

In that case, to take out that particulate iron oxide, just run a 1 micron PP sediment filter. It's simple, if you wish to try something, do this first as it's cheap enough (Taobao probably doesn't cost more than 20 dollars). You don't need to do a dual stage with 1 micron PP and then 0.01 micron Ultrafiltration (Taobao also have), not really practical for washing leh.

I googled and also found this, not sure if it could be a more chronic issue but at lower levels for ya.... if the water has been flowing good, no issue.
Even "lead" leaching from brass plumbing is not an issue if the water has been flowing very good. It really depends on a lot of factors, not only in your own unit but also depending on your block.

Another case of water stagnation, in a Boat Quay Residence condo.
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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