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Yup there is definitely an electrical booster inside the box, which explains the need for an electrical point. Most singaporeans do not want an electrical point at under sink although it should not be that dangerous. It is a bit weird that he never connects the waste water directly into the drainage pipe. If it goes to a tub, isnt that very troublesome?
Oh...that explains it then. So there is a built in booster pump, hence not needing a tank. I think they said that the RO membrane is also something special, designed for higher flowrate. So that's why the output flowrate actually is pretty decent from the looks of it. (actually better than quite a few faucet type mini filters)

Well too bad the countertop model does not suit you. Coz for me i like countertop models. My sink is the normal stainless steel one, doesn't have those pre-cut holes (granite sinks?) in which you can easily punch through with just a screwdriver + hammer. POP a few times and out it comes within a few seconds.

Countertop models with faucet connection also have 1 big advantage....esp for those 10-inch housings. That means that the pressure is going through the system only when you flip the faucet switch to FILTER and then turn on the tap. So even if there is a leak anywhere, it'd be detected + limited in damage. There are many home floods reported with undersink models due to failed plumbing hardware, even on Amazon with brand name 3M supplied stuff. It's bound to happen with those push-in quick connects that are plastic. Coz for those systems taking water from a T-adapter, the water pressure is always ON.
So do take that into consideration. There is a risk, however small, that it'd damage your expensive kitchen cabs.

PS. Well, can re-use the RO flushed drainage water mah. Like flushing the toilet, watering plants etc. But if forget to clear, then yeah it'd definitely and totally screw up the cabinets (the wood panels would expand, 100% goner)
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