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It is not that Xiaomi RO can work with low water pressure, it still requires around 40 psi. But it has an internal electrical water booster, which can turn our Singapore water pressure of 25 psi to more than 40 psi easily.

I see, i think i know what is with the whole picture already.

1. Xiaomi RO system has a booster pump. So that definitely helps.

2. I think there is still possibly a slight modification or special specification with regards to the cartridge. Or maybe not modification, just that they spec it to be a very large cartridge.
And the design of it is quite compact than the competition (just look at the other undersink myraid of 10-inch and T33 housings on top of the mounting rack! )
So that is why they do not need a water reservoir holding tank but can produce a good enough flowrate for filtered water on-demand dispensing.

I'd guesstimate it to be approx 1L per minute flowrate from the XMM demo.

Check 4:00 min in the youtube vid.....they mentioned the "special modified RO membrane" that's where i got the info about "modified RO membrane".

1-hr ug/m3 + PSI
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