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Just for reference.....i don't think most would be looking at such a product.

But very few nanofiltration (0.001 microns) stuff out there.

超滤膜 = ultrafiltration
纳滤膜 = nanofiltration

This is by Haier 海尔, a very major appliance manufacturer in China.

This replaces the need for a Tiger/Zojirushi hot water flask, which would cost $100 anyway.

Nanofiltration. 0.001 microns (1 nanometer) absolute pore size. Technically is no need to boil.

The various quality/types of nanofiltration membranes in the market have the ability to reduce fluoride ions as well (our flouride levels in our tap water is somewhat below WHO levels already, so shd not be any issue).

Ultrafiltration cannot remove fluoride.

Eg this is a typical RO unit. Majority of ultrafiltration (0.01 microns) models are also like this

1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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