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Bruh, thanks for sharing info regarding water filters. Always enjoyed reading your posts.

Could you kindly recommend the lead water filter again? There's a lot of info.

You mentioned there's something that's certified for a low cost? I can't bring the air purifier and water filter back from China as it's a shared purchase with my colleagues and besides the water filter takes up a fair bit of space which my flat does not have.

Thanks again.

Don't mind, i post here for sharing of info....

Details are on post 108, page 8.

Summary :

The cheapest are the faucet based ones. All the devices are NSF 53 certified for lead reduction (amongst other stuff)

100 gallons = 378 litres
Search on (read the reviews)
-Culligan FM-15 (uses 200 gal 756L cartridge)
-Dupont faucet filters (various models, 100 gal or 200 gal cartridge)
-Pur advanced faucet filters (100 gal)
-Brita faucet filter (100 gal)
-Aquasana AQ-4000 countertop filter (450 gal)
All the above contain very high quality highly spec solid carbon block filters that take care of many of the contaminants. Size of the product does not determine whether or not the filter is better. The only issue with the above is that the xxx number of gallons filtered is lower than the bigger filters (eg the 10-inch canister filters).

- 3M Filtrete Under Sink Water Filtration System (3US-MAX-S01). 1500 gals 5670 litres. Probably better for those big families and also intends to use filtered water (no chlorine/chloramines) for washing their veg etc.

Yes, whenever possible, can use stainless steel fittings, stainless steel faucets if you can. Apparently even the lead-free brass stuff sourced locally approved ones possibly have pretty significant spikes above the WHO limit (10 ug/L). Is that high/risky or not, i don't know but i'm not sitting around to find out for my kids even though for myself i don't really care.
You should too for your pregnant wife and baby when he/she's borned.

If use those xxx and yyy china sourced stuff without certification, like so many people buying from Taobao nowadays, normal yellow brass, don't say liao. (not saying all MIC TB stuff are bad)

BTW, TB stuff really got super good and super bad stuff. Just recently in the aircon cleaning thread, one guy gotten a bad 12V power adapter (powering the water diaphragm pressure pump for aircon washing), the power adapter blew, tripped the MCB and ELCB, and also blew his microwave oven with sparks and flames.
Some other folks gotten 12V 5A power adapters to power their 100W pumps. The sellers/TB factories sometimes really anyhow one.
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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