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Lol guys its actually quite obvious to see which people posting here are business owners and which are not. Like mentioned before, its a free forum so anyone can post what they want.

But at the end of the day, what we want is a healthy forum thread for people to come share information on the latest hair trends and products. It's really up to you guys if you wanna continue creating multiple new accounts to subtly "discuss" about certain products in particular.

Even if you are a business owner, I personally feel that being transparent and genuinely contributing to discussion is what helps your brand gain trust.

Shall refrain from naming anyone here, but many of us who have been posting for awhile know that there are "pioneer" business owners here who have been around for the longest time.. They are prime examples of such.

Let's all help make the forum a better place
I used to be part of the war before peace came.
Very honest with my practice and try to bring the best there can be to ppl here
I detest China made products and ppl try to sell them made in USA or rather formulated in USA.
Pure BS.
guys shld just stop supporting all these China made crap.
I urge all of you buy off the shelves stuff or pay abit more for legit stuff.
Better than pay peanuts and get crappy performance and later may cause hair loss or damage to your hair and scalp
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