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Saw this product in the coming food expo.

Usual price: 933
Event price: 793

Although, they say it is better than all similar filtration system out there, I dont see anything that is significantly more effective. This again proves that water filter in Singapore is extremely overpriced.

Nothing is new regarding online vs local retail lah, esp for products of such genre.....can't compare like that. MLM esp those on "holistic medicine" takes the cake.

It's for those folks who just have the disposable income to spend (be it their are rich or they are just normal 打功仔) and never bother to do homework.

That's why you see pax in this thread or other similar threads on water filters, air purifiers are kum gong snake oil at first glance.
To be fair, my wife was one such pax, until the 2013 short term super-spike PSI 401 haze and 2015 prolonged high-level haze hit. My parents esp my father has allergic rhinitis and is especially affected by headaches, then he knew the important of the FFP-1, N95, HEPA air filters that i have slowly built-up. I'm also an allergic rhinitis and headache sufferer with haze, my wife is worse will get migrane with air pollution and one of the worst episode affected was when she was in China Beijing, in which it triggered a bad one and needed A&E care.

The recurrent costs lagi better for some of these products. I always take note of such things and source suitable workable replacements at the cheapest price.

Last time no Taobao fwd no Amazon FSSG worse.

Same thing with vacuum cleaners (Dolphin comes to mind)....good stuff (Philips) on Taobao with H12 exhuast filters for cheap.
Maybe even electric toothbrush, water flossers....many would say no use don't bother without even thinking (yes there's an electric toothbrush / oral health thread here). Anyway, an eg, Oral B Pro 600, 8800 oscillations + 20k pulsations, only SGD 25 shipping included when tagging onto an existing order.
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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