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Some cards, even fairly new machines do not support the 5ghz wifi spectrum.

I believe that is the case for your card. It is more of a wifi card limitation which can be resolved by swapping it for maybe like what you have mentioned the fairly popular 7260 by intel for instance.

Before you do it however, it is best to check the size of the card (since there are various sizes). Also check if your bios supports them since certain makes of laptops have a white list of a limited range of approved cards while some accept any.

For instance this. Dont worry about the number of antenna connectors, if u see 3 connector pts but only have 2 connectors, you can forgo the 3rd and still have it work.

Next up, check if Bluetooth is integrated in the wifi card as well. If it is, would you be willing to forgo bluetooth functionality? Or purchase one with bluetooth and wifi
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