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If you're flying in to Pisa, then might as well stop by the leaning tower since you're already there. depending on the time you land, either depart that day or next morning.

I stayed at Monterosso because it was one of the few places with roads and accommodations with parking (I was driving). I liked Ristorante Miky if you're there. I think you need to go read for yourself what each town brings and hence which you prefer. Also, what's your interest - if you're into photography, sunrise / sunsets then there are a few "iconic" shots and you see what makes sense logistics-wise with first / last train

Florence depends on what you want to do / the pace you like to take. Different strokes, different folks. Personally, I prefer the smaller towns (e.g. Siena, San Gimignano) but those would require you to drive (at least I think the public transport sucks). For Space, if possible, arrive at opening - otherwise it might look raided. You'd understand when you see how some nationalities shop there.

I won't bother with Bologna. If anything, I would say Verona's a nicer place. It's also a lot cheaper for accommodation than Venice. But given how this is your first trip and only 11 days, you won't have that much time to play around with.

If it's 11 days, you don't really have that much time to do so many places, especially if you're taking the train. you've got to sit down and plan the connections, factor in the train timings, etc.

I won't bother with Bologna. It's a university town. If you're looking for somewhere else to break the trip up, I would suggest Verona. It's a bit prettier and at the same time less touristy. Accommodation is also a heck of a lot cheaper than Venice.
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