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Just a heads-up, on Amazon.... BEST PRICE now for the 3M Filtrete MAXIMUM

NSF-53 for lead etc...
Max purchase qty of 3pcs, you'd need to add on some other stuff to make it usd 125 free ship eligible.

Till this Friday, got usd 15 promo code, CITISG. Eg 125usd free ship order becomes usd 110.

This one can use 1-1.5 years no issue for a family of up to 8, if you are using it just for drinking. The official capacity figure is 1500 gallons, though i'd not recommend you to use until 1500 gallons.

Use the 3分-》2分 connectors and hoses and also the tap diverter (2分 connections)that i posted in the previous pages. Coz this one uses 3 分 ie 3/8 inch hoses.

But if you are pushing past 6 months, it'd be better if you are boiling the water after filtration.

If you are using the tap diverter and flowing water pressure only when you are filling up your kettle for eg, there is no risk of flood.

1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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