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I think you are referring to Famicom Mini (Jap) as the controllers are really super small cos they are docked on system which is already miniaturized.

On the other hand, NES Classic mini controllers are regular sized.

Looking at reviews and streamings, the NES one is quite unplayable. Firstly the controller cable is super super short, you have to buy third party extension. This SNES one has longer cable but still very short.

The NES mini has super super tiny controller (imagine big adult hands holding a matchbox), which is very hard to use, especially the d-pad. If you have to press in any diagonal direction, gg liao. The SNES controllers at least has rounded shape, which helped in the life size console but the NES controller's sharp corners wasn't much of a problem in the mini size version. I expect the same issues with this, again especially the d-pad, due to the tiny size.
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