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For Lenovo 10 inch series, very little improvement from tab 3 to tab 4.
Only notable "difference" is ram up from 1gb to 2gb. But the clockspeed only up from 1.3ghz to 1.4ghz.

Doesnt seem to have plus version available.
No LTE or cellular version even though stated on gsmarena.
The only good is the dual stereo.

Amazon pricing at usd179.99, might as well get a acer b3-a40 at usd129.99
Wont consider this tab 4 unless it is within sgd250 range.

Then again Acer tablets biggest crap is that the headphone jack is only few mm from the micro-usb slot. Which means you cant plug in headphone or external mic/speaker at the same time with a micro-usb stick. Super crap acer tablets.
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