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Can u elaborate more on this. Is there a setting in HWZ that can configure this? I am used to reading the 1st post first in GAPT then scroll down to read the most recent post. This will enable the reader to follow through the development of the thread.

Currently yours is the reverse so need to click "Jump to last post" in order to read the 1st post by TS.

Maybe you can set this as an option in your app so users can customize the way they like to read their threads. Thanks
hi man,

waa thanks for highlighting this. i assumed my app will show oldest post first but i forget that hwz auto set newest post as default when u sign up new account. this is a big issue for my app because when u resume post, it will jump to the wrong post and will cause my app to crash. my app only works one way. i think i am able to set it to show oldest first by default when user login.

anyway, you can change the settings it in hwz website under "User CP" menu, in forum options..

change to "linear- oldest first"

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