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This goes far back when it used to be called DPA instead of EAE but it's essentially the same.

My interviewers were the course chairperson and a very senior lecturer within the course. I was interviewed on myself as a person (my personality, hobbies, basic things), what do I know about the course and why do I want to join the course, what do I think would be my greatest takeaway after the 3-year course and why would entering through (then) DPA would be beneficial to me.

Of course these were just the basic questions that they asked me. They would most probably ask you continuation questions based on the answers you give them. For example, if you say that you aspire to be a doctor as a reason to join the course, then you would be prompted to tell more based on your answer.

Make sure to bring a portfolio too - volunteering experiences, school results, leadership positions, remarkable class projects, out-of-school activities that you have participated in or anything else that are related to the course that you applied to. When answering your interview questions, flip to the page in your portfolio that can support your words. Do not pass your portfolio and say "Here, you might want to take a look" and not use it as your support documents. It's less effective.

An advice to those going for interviews - make sure your answers to the interview questions are relevant to the course you are applying for and it is okay if you cannot answer or are uncertain of the questions they throw you. You are around 16-17, they can't expect you to know everything. I made the mistake of sounding like I know everything and that backfired on me. I did not manage to secure a spot through DPA but eventually made my way to the same course through JAE.
Thanks for the feedback.. Was your course IT?

Do you know what kind of aptitude tests they do for that?
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