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The interviews I went for back then were also under DPA. Not sure how this new EAE scheme works but it's probably similar. I interviewed for media courses in both NP and SP.

No aptitude test was involved. They asked me to provide a portfolio to showcase my creativity and aptitude for the course, so I brought along artworks and write ups that I did back in secondary school.

Both interviews were very business as usual: tell us something about you, what are your hobbies, why this course and not another course from another poly, etc. At the end of the interview, the interviewers (all NP and SP lecturers) allowed me to ask them questions I had about the course.

My interview/DPA application was unsuccessful, and looking back, I can see why as my portfolio really wasn't that spectacular. Only a handful are admitted through DPA every year and the ones I know truly have that X factor that got them their spot. This someone I know brought an impressive portfolio of photos, videos, stories and scripts to their interview and got a place! Hopefully this helps anyone who is preparing their portfolio for a media course
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