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1. feasibility of itinerary
-> As Jarvis said above, it depends on train timings and your route. Looks doable though. Previously visited those cities within a longer trip, all by train.

2. Skip Pisa? Leaning tower not really worth it?
-> Worth a short stopover on the way from one city to another. Stopped there for about two hours on the way from Cinque Terre to Florence.

3. If you cld pick 3/5 cinque terre locales, which wld u pick? Stay where as base best there?
-> Monterosso, although all except the first one (upon arrival) seem decent. The local train connects all of them well enough.

4. Florence really need 3 days as most have posted?
-> Depends on what you want to see, although in view of the crowds and queues, 3 days is necessary if you want to see the key attractions and chill a bit.

5. Is Bologna a good stop along the train route frm Pisa to Venice? Heard food is great? Any other reason to visit?
-> IMHO, nope.

6. If choose another stop, any suggestions? Lucca, Siena, Ravenna, Verona?
-> Not going to visit Rome this time ?

7. Not driving so not a good idea for Tuscan countryside detour?
-> Inconvenient, although day tour arrangements can be made.

8. Pisa to Venice Train route can book on Trenitalia in advance? All others can book at stations there?
-> Yes to both. Should be able to get considerably lower fares if you book in advance, although that obviously hamstrings your flexibility.

9. Things to eat n see at above places?
-> Really too many to list, although Wikitravel has good and suitable coverage for a relatively short trip like yours.
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