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Hey guys,

Another update. I visited my friend at his workshop. This is the guy who's gonna build the table for me. Here's a couple of pics of his workshop:

Just a quick recap, I purchased a glass table for about SGD$45 without really checking if it's what I need cos it was really cheap. So last night My friend and I took a look at the glass and did a rough layout plan for the PC components. We've managed to make it work according to the design that I want. The table is going to be similar to Linus' PC desk case project as in it will be "U" shaped. It was difficult to get a good pic of the glass but here's some pics just to give s rough idea:

I bought a cheap PC case for about SGD$30. I intend to use the motherboard tray, as well as the back IO port hole and Card mounts and incorporate it to the table.

Lastly, I purchased 4 2.5" to 3.5" adaptors at about SGD$5 each. I intend screw or glue them down to the table, and mount the 3.5" on it. The reason for this is so that if I need to swap the HDDs out, I dont have to unscrew them from the table, ruining the screw hole. I would have to basically slice the mounts in half and lay them slightly apart so the HDD would fit. I'm not sure if this is my best solution so if anyone has any suggestions or alternatives for this I'm all ears
2.5 to 3.5 adaptor

Well that's all for now. Tonight I'm meeting another friend who's going to tech me how to use the 3D software Sketchup and hopefully I'll have a 3D render of my table soon.
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