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Hi there, really interested in what you are doing right now. For your swapping of Hdd, i would recommend forgoing the drive bay and use 3M's tape or some velcro for the mounting of yr HDD. Currently in my own modded casing, im using 3M double sided tape to tape my SSDs to the side of the enclosure as i didn wanna drill holes and permanently damage the casing.
Hi there! Thanks i'm really excited bout this project.. although I'm aiming to have these only completed by mid to end october as my friend would only start construction on September due to current overlapping projects. He's an amazing woodworker and has been featured on websites and newspapers quite a few times.. so he's quite sought after... perks of having famous friends..

The velcro idea is really good actually! One thing though, the bottomw of the HDD is not flat so where do u stick the velcro? I don't want to turn the HDD upside down and expose the bottom of it though.
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