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Already touched on all these points earlier.

That is why you look for the NSF 42 and NSF 53 certifications. NSF 42 for material safety, NSF 53 for the contamination reduction testing.

And then go Amazon for the deals. For the dupont that i listed before, it's like $2 per month cost for a typical family for every 4 months change. Way cheaper than even a packet of chicken rice.

There is indeed a drawback for solid carbon blocks, they do breed bacteria after some months (that's why they advertise 3 to 6 months changes). This is regardless if the XXX gallons capacity has been hit or not. That is why the manufacturers lists it as say 500 gallons OR 6 mths whichever comes earlier.
If you are going to boilng the water after filtration (or hit 80 deg C, still ok), then definitely no issue.
This thing already selling for many donkey years. " subjective " that why they still selling. I still remember PUB claim our water is SAFE simple as that.

Now some manufacture make it simple , just a filter attach to the Tap , whereas some you need the tech come to install , a device below the water tap and attached to the device aka filtration

anyway to me, Boil water is good enough.

PUB side already does filtration. I feel now a days funny. We care so much cleanliness here and that yet eat unhealthy what the point
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