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PUB side already does filtration. I feel now a days funny. We care so much cleanliness here and that yet eat unhealthy what the point

Really nothing to do with cleanliness or unhealthiness leh. See below....
Though for you as an adult and single, that might not be too much of an issue (the levels are not super duper high, deifnitely not like some USA's cases), that i'd agree with you that you are not exposed to much risks/effects.
For infants/kids/teens, the main risk is lowered IQ first and foremost. It's been researched that every 10 ppm lead intake reduces IQ points of about 2. Does this reduced IQ make you get lower grades/earn less money in your adulthood? That's for another thread.

Ok, after thinking for a while....I must admit that maybe Foreveralone bro has a bit of a point there.

For those toddlers/kids/children who have a screwy diet, i guess it similarly might affect their IQ as well? Possible i guess.
In the context of Singapore, i guess the vast majority of that is not the case, probably. Malnutrition is really rare here.....but maybe extreme obesity may also screw up IQ? Need to google for that one....
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI
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