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One thing i am wondering is if it's even possible to test all the tens of thousands of buildings in SG, right down to control what people are able to use in their homes and control what people buy.

Evidently with the recent clampdown of EZBuy's sale of China's electrical items due to them not having the PSB sticker and/or PSB safety label, i think it's not so easy.
That one was pretty easy coz we already have the PSB safety label system (for 3-pin plugs) in place, so the reason to stop the import is easy and fast.

HK govt holding main contractors responsible for lead contamination in water

Chan Kin-Man, chief chemist at the Hong Kong Water Supplies Department, said: "There's no lead found in the test sample because we have quality control. We do periodically conduct checks in different locations, but the last mile to new buildings is handled by our customer services department. It's not under our supervision."
The government has yet to identify the source of the contamination. But attention is on the pipes and faucets used, as well as whether banned soldering material was used.


Anyone using the Hyflux water filter ?

anyone using this?

can review? now promo at $1488

Really too expensive stuff......if you are earning good and have the budget for it, i guess why not.
But from what i have read up on, really no need, unless you really have some very specific need for it (earlier someone shared that the water quality in their commercial building is really nasty).

And it's always better to change the filter quite frequently, unless you boil the water, so as to prevent bacteria growth on the filter in which solid carbon blocks are quite well known to do so. So recurrent filter costs is a factor.
I guess if you have ultrafiltration that's "behind" the carbon block, then at least something.

I have earlier shared some stuff earlier that does the job and go for much lower prices + very low recurring costs (filter). Pls avoid the MLM stuff esp (not saying 3M/Hyflux is MLM though), it's really not a good usage of your funds.
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI
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