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i use zerowater. it filters heavy metal like lead and chromium.
hopefully i ingest less of them, however they get into the water supply.
The Zerowater options on Amazon is pretty ok. Just a wee more expensive than the faucets based ones, and it does get the TDS a bit low for my liking (that's another seperate story, not a biggie anyway) but it's pretty ok.

Anyway since you brought up Chromium, not really a big issue vs Lead. There is no real safe levels for lead exposure, though WHO pegged it at 10ppm for water. Over here in SG probably Chromium probably gets into our diets via boiling in stainless steel kettles etc, but really super low concentrations.

Actually for adults ingestion of lead via oral route, i don't think we'd see much of an issue with those researched levels. The issue is really for pregnant women, kids....coz over there lies the biggest effect.
However like i said, i'd be hard pressed if someone asks "can you see the effects of chronic ultra low level lead ingestion then?". Coz how do you prove that 2-4 IQ points drop? And even then does it translate to something tangible in real life....academic results? $$$ earnings? It's Impossible to prove.'s something like eating bak kwa, chao tar chicken wings, smoking...someone sure would quote that eg of his granduncle who is age 88 and been smoking for 70 years.
For all you know, there are toddlers who started smoking in other countries.

1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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