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I am not an expert but I can answer some questions too

2. Pisa is a classic stop, that kind which you-know-that's-tons-of-tourists-but-you-still-want-to-go kind. Lots of PRC tourists, worthy of a 3 hour stop between cinque terre and florence.

3. When I was there, not all the hiking routes were open. So we only managed to walk between first and second village. You can visit all 5 via train easily as mentioned earlier. I chose to stay an area off at an airbnb at Levanto, cheaper and accessible to Monterosso by train. No need to choose, can see all five in a day.

4, 7. I also choose to stay 3 days in Florence, reserving one entire day just for shopping at The Mall. Transport to and fro and long queues for paying and tax refunds (again here got lots of AT tourists) will take you one entire day. Other good activities I like to recommend are the free city walking tours (it get you oriented quickly on the first day) and a full day bike tour in the tuscany countryside (search for Tuscany Bike Tours on tripadvisor).

6. I agree that you should pay Rome a visit too. The classics of Colosseum and Vatican city really really deserve some time on your maiden italian visit.

1. feasibility of itinerary
-> As Jarvis said above, it depends on train timings and your route. Looks doable though. Previously visited those cities within a longer trip, all by train.

2. Skip Pisa? Leaning tower not really worth it?
-> Worth a short stopover on the way from one city to another. Stopped there for about two hours on the way from Cinque Terre to Florence.

3. If you cld pick 3/5 cinque terre locales, which wld u pick? Stay where as base best there?
-> Monterosso, although all except the first one (upon arrival) seem decent. The local train connects all of them well enough.

4. Florence really need 3 days as most have posted?
-> Depends on what you want to see, although in view of the crowds and queues, 3 days is necessary if you want to see the key attractions and chill a bit.

5. Is Bologna a good stop along the train route frm Pisa to Venice? Heard food is great? Any other reason to visit?
-> IMHO, nope.

6. If choose another stop, any suggestions? Lucca, Siena, Ravenna, Verona?
-> Not going to visit Rome this time ?

7. Not driving so not a good idea for Tuscan countryside detour?
-> Inconvenient, although day tour arrangements can be made.

8. Pisa to Venice Train route can book on Trenitalia in advance? All others can book at stations there?
-> Yes to both. Should be able to get considerably lower fares if you book in advance, although that obviously hamstrings your flexibility.

9. Things to eat n see at above places?
-> Really too many to list, although Wikitravel has good and suitable coverage for a relatively short trip like yours.
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