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actually I used instapure F8 before.

there's no filtration at all. the TDS remain the same before and after filter.

I changed to a new filter and it remain the same.

The TDS meter is measuring things correctly, the issue is that people are using the meter wrongly. The Instapure solid carbon block does not remove/reduce the dissolved solids in the water. That is why it's called a Total Dissolved Solids meter. It is a close cousin to the EC or electrical conductivity meter.

A solid carbon block does not remove dissolved chlorides, bicarbonates etc. But specially manufacturered ones does remove things like lead, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals etc.... (effectiveness of each and every contaminant depends on how it's manufacturered)
The Instapure F8 that you are using is NSF-53 certified to v significantly reduce (like ~ 99%) a long list of contaminants.

Basically TDS is called Total Dissolved Solids is coz it is measuring all the dissolved minerals like chlorides and stuff.
For eg, your mineral water is actually very good water without contaminants and good tasting. But if you use a TDS meter, it'd be quite elevated. Some mineral water measure over 200 ppm and i have seen 300-400 range.
The TDS of water only tells you a small part of the whole story.
However, when used in very specific usage areas, eg in the Zerowater resin ion-exchange filtration systems, it can tell you when it is really time to change the filter.

The TDS of your water only gives you a small window on the water quality of the water. It's used as a secondary indicator in water quality tests.

Pls watch this video. They dropped 500,000 copies of bacteria (shd be E-coil) into 001ppm distilled water and it barely rose to just 7 ppm on the TDS meter. That number of bacteria copies would really land anybody in hospital.

(scroll down in this product listing for the video, enable your Adobe Flash when prompted if you click on the video area)

Or use the youku link :

Google :
E.coli > 大肠杆菌,大肠埃希杆菌(Escherichia coli)

And the world's cleanest/purest water @ 0.0 ppm absolute zero TDS is really very lousy tasting + GROSS.

BTW, pls also do not be smoked and mislead by this type of hocus pocus test of them trying to electrically precipitate the "contaminiation" out of your tap water with say 100ppm TDS.

Video link :!2~5~5!7~5~5~A

1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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